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Figure S1. Deletion of the UBE2Q2 and FBX022 genes in 15q24.2 in family au058. (a) Schematic representation of the 15q24 microdeletion identified with the Illumina 500 k SNP microarray in AGRE Family AU058. The map shows a 860 kb region in chromosome 15q24.2 (hg18 chr15: 73,540,000-74,400,000). The 108 kb deletion was present in two affected brothers (AU058-003 and AU058-004) and in their healthy father (AU058-002). The vertical bar indicates the LCR cluster 15q24D (BP2). Other smaller segmental duplications listed in UCSC are shown at the bottom. (b) The deletion was confirmed by qPCR using a probe in the UBE2Q2 gene in the two patients and their father; the mother (AU058-001) had normal gene dosage. Data represent mean ± SEM.

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McInnes et al. Molecular Autism 2010 1:5   doi:10.1186/2040-2392-1-5