Figure 3.

aCGH showing a 3.1 Mb deletion at 15q23-q24.1 in patient AU008. Scatterplot (chromosome view) from the 1 × 1 M array using DNA Analytics software (Agilent Technologies). The X axis represents copy number relative to the control and the Y axis represents location along chromosome 15. The area enclosed by the dashed box adjacent to the chromosome 15 ideogram is enlarged on the right. Green circles indicate probes with a log2 ratio ≤ -0.25, red circles denote probes with a log2 ratio ≥ 0.25; black circles are probes that fall in between these two values.

McInnes et al. Molecular Autism 2010 1:5   doi:10.1186/2040-2392-1-5
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