Figure 1.

Map of the 15q23-q24 deletion interval. Schematic representation of 15q24 microdeletions in patient AU008 and in 13 other patients with overlapping deletions reported previously [2-6,8,9]. The map shows a 8 Mb region in chromosome 15q23-q25.1 (68,500,000-76,500,000, hg18). The vertical bars indicate the five previously reported LCRs, 15q24A-E. Other smaller segmental duplications listed in the UCSC genome browser are shown at the bottom. The minimal critical deletion region identified previously extends 1.75 Mb between LCRs 15q24B (BP1) and 15q24D (BP2). The atypical distal breakpoint in patient AU008 (red) narrows the critical region to 766 Mb, containing only 15 RefSeq genes.

McInnes et al. Molecular Autism 2010 1:5   doi:10.1186/2040-2392-1-5
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